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Legjobb klánok

#KlánKlán tagokØ WN8
1[FAME] Deal with it!993243.21
2[G100] G100922813.56
3[322] Skull and Bones962811.28
4[S3AL] Purple S3AL`s gonna club back!952682.85
5[IDEAL] IDEAL942643.02
6[OMNI] Odem Mortis International932638.54
7[WHYOU] HATE ME982635.40
8[RSOP] Rynnäkkösopulit972628.43
9[V-TER] Valter GC652603.24
10[BRAH] It's NOT just a game, brah942532.61
11[KITTY] Hello Kitty!992506.98
12[KAZNA] Kazna Kru982502.57
13[NOXUS] Nox Noctis Est Nostri1002494.92
14[TRIGG] The T is as useless as CW Specialists992464.47
15[CSA] CS Army982464.37
16[PIGEO] Pigeons of Love992455.09
17[9-TD] 9. Tanková divize922447.33
18[-SED-] Suicide Elite Division1002441.98
19[S4] Stronke Army932438.79
21[OM] Odem Mortis972412.55
22[TWB-L] The Wild Bunch- Lucky Few982364.07
23[PVS] Players vs Server992353.10
24[HOOT] Hooty McOwlface542339.75
25[FEED] GIVEME, FEED me moaarrr872316.44
26[STRNK] Stronk Siema Community1002312.46
27[MER5Y] No mercy .582312.32
28[ANV] Acta non Verba872310.86
29[N00T] NOOT832302.70
30[RGT] Retired Grandma Torment982300.57
32[KAE] Kae Focus Est Optimum Kae962267.89
33[_1] Первый Русский622265.29
34[S4-X] Stronke Army X802261.26
35[EFE-X] Everything For Efficiency952255.73
36[-ZERO] Zero Damage.882254.73
37[GR] Garms Rudel722240.72
38[EL_SQ] 'Elite Squad'962227.68
39[-MM] MadMen982222.55
40[G__G] Goldene Garde952212.89
41[PEGI7] PEGI7592208.86
42[RED_S] Red Supreme932185.19
43[JUMB0] Schelle links - Schelle rechts762182.31
44[HDU] Herp Derp Unicorn572181.42
46[EINSA] Eins A512164.35
47[TRTLS] Furious Turtles632149.90
48[TDSTR] Tank Destroyer Forces892147.16
49[9-TD2] 9.Tanková divize932145.40
50[ASHES] Ashes to Ashes822141.92
51[BTF-E] Born to Fight - Elite952136.59
52[AOS] Ace of Spades982132.92
53[A-P] ABSOLUT PANSAR582123.95
54[5TAR5] Silver Stars1002123.63
55[PMHC] Polish Mechanised Hussar Corps982114.04
56[ITCH] Like Crazy942100.82
57[KRAWL] Krawall972094.94
58[ARCAN] ARCANII982094.90
59[D3T] D3MOLK4 TEAM962094.84
60[-BSA-] Black Sea Army1002088.72
61[M-B-Z] Magyar Büntető Zászlóalj1002087.11
62[GROF-] GROF-832086.09
63[1STLT] 1st Lithuanian Tank Company862079.91
64[RMBLE] The Lechers Ramble722074.66
65[S-V-D] Suicide Veterans Division812073.96
66[HAPE] Hapettaja´s 100712073.37
67[FOXES] Armored Foxes562064.67
68[B_K_C] BKC Poccuu502063.23
69[KELA] Kansaneläkelaitos992058.60
70[HEFFY] WHY you HEFF to be so serious?922057.15
71[HIDRO] Hidraulik Orchestra502055.36
72[PSQD] Psycho Squad872053.94
73[E-5OM] Is Weak But We Are Not !1002052.92
74[UGBA] ugly bast3rds542051.46
75[GU-N] God's Unit - Nemesis662049.40
76[L-BUN] Lucky Bunch912049.35
77[EFE-S] Everything for Satisfaction972043.13
78[OBI] Old Boys Incorporated1002024.34
79[BIA] =BiA=Steel panthers Cz/Sk992019.40
80[TR_AP] TR4P_Black532017.22
81[JCKAL] The Jackal892003.11
82[CSA-2] CS Army 2952003.00
83[BLUTE] Dominance on tracks! (*since 2o12*)992002.73
85[VAD] Virtual Armoured Division1001989.22
86[UNDER] UnderWorld Executors521988.39
87[-TAF-] Turkish Armed Forces811983.43
89[VIHAR] VIHAR951974.98
90[CRBER] Pragaro Šunys1001974.29
91[V-T3R] VALTER'S BANDIT$991971.30
92[FOR-C] FORZA CLAWS921967.57
93[TKBS] Tankabbestia641962.33
94[-V-A-] Virtual Army681959.64
95[TO_MY] JAK NIE MY TO KTO ?931956.89
96[LED-X] TEAM WANTED Legend of Eastern Dragon X1001955.10
97[GOP] Grupo Operacional Portugues961953.28
98[K4E] -Kae Focus Est Optimum Kae-931949.59
99[9-TDV] 9.Tanková divize Veteráni591947.63
100[THEOS] The Other Side991947.31
101[ODIUM] Angeli Damnatus681944.27
102[FL4ME] We will flame u!631939.34
103[A5AP] As Stronk As Possible921936.40
104[PLHUS] Polska Husaria!911935.73
105[FUGLY] Future Glory661933.74
106[EU-P] EU Platoons931930.80
107[FANT] I Want More !991930.25
108[U-DOG] Underdog Division501926.99
109[NOXU5] No sacrifice, No victory…!!!881924.93
110[BARU] The great army of BloodyStopMakingAltAccs541924.00
111[CIRC] Circon's Crew971920.17
112[CZAD] Czarna Dywizja931920.10
113[ORZY] Orzas Gipsy Caravan611920.06
114[BB4] Parim enne möödas981917.30
115[O-S-C] Old school crew581915.44
116[B_M_G] Black Monks Guild611912.92
117[_VOLE] Klan_vole901910.14
118[QSF] QBs Special Forces861909.52
119[KV-2] We TROLL671906.30
120[TERMS] Termites991903.90
121[USSR] USSR1001902.29
122[BABA] Türk Baba Klanı781893.70
123[FEAR] Fanatic Elite Assault Regiment941893.18
124[R1SE] Rising Legends841886.80
125[GHS] Ghost Squadron961886.29
126[AZP] Atak Zabójczych Pomidorów751886.09
128[TSOP] Taistelusopulit951882.84
129[FIVE] Filthy Vengeance911878.18
130[R4IN] It's raining HEAT - halleluja1001877.13
131[RWP] The Real Wolfpack Germany531876.48
132[NESI] Nobody Expects The Spanish Inqusition751874.86
133[PZK] Panzerknacker861871.99
134[503] Schwere Panzerabteilung 503621871.40
135[P-X-A] PHOENIX - ALLIANCE931868.72
136[Z__G] Zinc Garde821868.21
137[EXNOM] Expect No Mercy851864.82
138[PDV-A] PanzerDivision Vipern "Alpha"931864.04
139[ACE-] Armoured Command Europa561858.08
140[J00T] Mach et Joot531853.20
141[OHM] Resistance961843.19
142[SERPE] Soldati Erranti Rompi Palle Estremi841843.11
143[S-V] Српски Витезови--Serbian Кnights571842.86
144[HOOLS] H00LIGANS911837.72
145[GE-PL] Gwardia Elitarna971836.88
146[ASEET] Aseveljet811831.00
147[SPIKE] Signal Spike981827.17
148[X_RAY] X-RAY/Pozdro&Poćwicz911825.49
149[MGOD] Mighty Guardians Of Destiny871822.74
150[SOBAD] Bittervets611821.29
151[PFU] Pink Fluffy Unicorns761819.90
152[V-JKR] VALTER'S JOKERS831818.42
153[NOMI] No More Ideas981817.94
154[WG12] WildGänse12961817.79
155[CSA-V] CS Army Veterans531817.37
156[FHT-X] Fahrenheit X561816.38
157[PVS-X] Players vs Server X881814.91
158[LTHS] Les Th's871814.37
159[VT3PS] Vitéz Tarczay Ervin Páncélos Százada741814.24
160[TDSTX] Tank Destroyer Forces X921811.04
162[LATTD] Latvju Tēvu Dēli911803.58
163[SLICK] SLICK671802.15
164[N0CAP] Don't cry and play991801.51
165[BISON] 1st Austro-German Fight Division971800.67
166[SAVVY] SAVVY791800.18
167[CELL] Sleeper Cell581800.07
168[UFS] United French Soldiers581799.88
169[EPIC] Elite Epic Fail Clan501793.13
170[UNIT] The UNIT, eine Frage der Ehre781778.49
171[ICYA] See Ya (International)971777.89
172[PTBLS] Pitbulls Syndicate961777.36
173[-SJD-] Suicide Jager Division711776.99
174[VTEPS] Vitéz Tarczay Ervin Páncélos Század981776.59
175[W1NE] French_Kiss801775.54
176[LEOFL] Cor Leontis Frontline Division741773.20
177[IPRO] Improfisation.de571772.77
178[I-S-Y] I See You!931772.45
179[2PDD] 2nd Panzer Division Denmark911771.31
180[I-C-U] I See You But You Don't See Me701771.26
181[ELLTE] ELlTE SQUAD991769.53
182[TRIK] Cat Trick951768.19
183[WHO] WHO Cares?851766.32
184[PMHCV] Polish Mechanised Hussar Corps - Veterans691762.97
185[LEOHQ] Cor Leontis Headquarter Division591760.16
186[S4-A] Stronke Army A961759.80
187[WWAD] We Will All Die591756.86
188[2PAC] Don't give a Foch881753.50
189[AZT] Aparat de Zapacit Tancuri601752.78
190[CZ1TD] Česká 1. tanková divize791752.46
191[R_R] Rychlá Rota601750.48
192[WIN-2] Who Is Next 2981749.07
193[NOPAN] Maidens Club501747.46
194[BKMA] Black Mamba761747.14
195[V5] Venoms Five541746.34
196[_RGT_] Reckless Grandma Torment941746.14
197[100TH] One of The Hundred1001743.50
198[F-T-R] Feel the Rhythm781743.05
200[PHX-I] -PHOENIX-851741.06